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Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone

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Price: $1.50
Category: Crystals
Tiger eye is a Chalcedony Quartz Cat's Eye. Yellow to gold in colour. The stone is for Confidence, will power, clears thinking and speaking, Brings personal power in life. The Yellow is for the Solar Plexus Chakra (Not as strong as citrine or Topaz.) It Works on the Mental plane and amplifies thinking and manifesting what you think about careful! Helps separate thoughts from feelings, so centered, less emotional. Tigere eye is good for Digestion, stomach, anxiety, ulcers and bones. Use with malachite or pearl for mental and emotional balance with understanding. Helps change anxiety, fear and obsessive-ness into practicality, logic. It is a Yang stone.

Helpful for individuals seeking clarity. Can be used to enhance psychic abilities and gentle attunement of the third eye. Can eliminate the blues and bring brightness and optimism. Balances yin yang energy.

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