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Price: $5.00
Category: Crystals
Discover the earth's only natural magnet!

Chemically and mineralogically, the lodestone is magnetite, a massive type of iron ore, an oxide of iron, a mineral related the the brown stuff coating the magnetic disks and tapes used by computers. Magnetite is quite common in nature, while lodestones are relatively rare.

What if no lodestones existed? The Chinese would certainly not have invented the magnetic compass. Magnetism would have been discovered much later, and one wonders how. Lacking the compass, the great voyages of discovery could hardly have taken place--Columbus, De Gama, Magellan and the rest. The history of the world might have been quite different!

Assists in relieving burdens and bringing to fruition that which is wanted. Promotes motivation and confidence and confidence, elim-inates insecurity and dependence. Assists in removing energy block-ages, allowing body to heal itself.

These rocks come in irregular shapes and sizes approximately 1 inch in diameter. Sold by the piece.

See our Practical Magic Page for a lodestone spell.

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