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Red Moon Medicine with Nuit Moore

A woman’s moon time is a time of potent power, deeply healing, and incredibly rich in magickal potential and ancient mystery. In this class we will explore ways in which we can honor our personal cycles from menarche to menopause and tap into the wells of the womb wisdom and sacred medicine of our moon times. We will also learn about healing modalities (such as herbal and gem allies) and ancient Goddess archetypes connected with menstruation, and how to integrate ceremony in either a solo practice or through the shared sacred space of a Moon Lodge/Red Tent/Scarlet Temple, such as the Red Tent Nuit will be creating for this class. This class will also include a short guided meditation. Please bring a cushion for comfort. Space is limited and RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. 7 students required for class to take place. Reserve your space by calling EBN at (336) 373-0733. $20 per person.

BIO: Nuit Moore, the Scarlet Shakti, is a high priestess and tantrika whose work and temple serve the sacred shift of the return of the Goddess to our collective consciousness, focusing especially on the Dark Goddess archetypes, the empowerment of women, and the medicine of her path and teachings.Nuit has offered classes and ceremony on sacred sexuality, women’s menstrual mysteries , Goddess spirituality, the trance arts, women's healing arts, serpent shakti power, crystals and crystal grids, ceremonial movement and sound, etc for over 20 years. She has been a strong voice and teacher of the menstrual mysteries and eco-menstruation movement since 1991. In addition, much of her work as an eco-feminist activist is in connection with her teachings of holistic menstruation and women's sexual health empowerment. Nuit is also a ritual performance artist, temple tribal dancer, and founder of the Ishtar Noir Ritual Theater collective. Visit her website at www.scarletshakti.com. And her Facebook page: Nuit Moore, The Scarlet Shakti

Date: Friday, November 6
Time: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Cost: $20

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