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Kuan Yin tea

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Price: $5.00
Category: Teas
Eclectic Teas are hand-crafted, ritually blended and magically charged. Each is unique and carries its own intention. With every sip emotional blocks and fears melt away, bringing in the desired results. Made with fresh herbs, most of them organic. Each herb is intuitively selected and then researched to determine what the tea’s purpose is. Teas are made right here in Greensboro by EBN owner, Tavane Taylor.

This tea was inspired by another teamaker’s blend, subtle changes make it our House Tea. It is positively heavenly when sweetened with a bit of honey.

Kuan Yin: This is by far our most popular tea, made with Quality Black and Green Teas, Roses, Jasmine Flowers and Orange Peel. In the Buddhist tradition, Kuan Yin is the Goddess Bodhisattva of compassion. She is wise and impartial, gracious and gentle. Feel this melt away animosity and 'ego-based' agendas while instilling loving compassion, objectivity and joy.

Price is per ounce. 1 ounce makes about 15-20 cups.

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